Since 2003, the AJ Novick Group, Inc. has been offering high quality and effective programs in the field of stress and anger management as well as a variety of online programs. We are an ideal resource for consumers as well as corporations and human resource staff needing to take an approved and accepted program. We offer live anger management classes, parenting classes, online anger management classes, home study courses, accelerated anger management workshops, executive coaching for employees, on-site workplace trainings and programs, classes for disruptive physicians, as well as a wide range of certification training for facilitators for both anger management and parenting. We also offer programs for Professional Sports and large venues through our Fan Conduct Class, which addresses issues related to fan safety, disruptive behavior and alcohol awareness. Other online classes include programs in drug and alcohol awareness, theft education, sexual harassment and parenting. Our programs are designed for business professionals, court ordered clients and those seeking personal growth.

Benefits of Anger Management classes, Parenting or Corporate Coaching Sessions include:

  • Learn to recognize anger and change behavior before it damages or impacts relationships with others.
  • Learn how to improve judgment and impulse control as well as manage stress and anger more effectively.
  • Experience less conflict with teachers, parents, family members, co-workers and corporate management.
  • Learn skills to increase your optimism, positive self-talk, and attitude.
  • Improve communications skills in such a way that others appropriately understand your feelings and needs.
  • Gain skills in stress management to better cope with life's challenges and the impact of others.
  • Learn to take control of your own behavior rather than blaming others for "making" you do things.
  • Improve skills in empathy and social awareness to decrease anger and improve relationships.
  • Improve workplace communication, reduce instances of aggression, gain skills in teamwork and leadership.
  • Gain skills in forgiveness as well as how to more accurately manage expectations.
  • Accepted by Businesses, Schools, Court, Juvenile and Adult Probation, Youth Diversion, Corrections, and volunteer clients.
  • Our model uses numerous evidence based, empirically validated techniques, and is the most expansive anger management curriculum available.

Anger Management Class Schedule

Laguna Beach – January 1st, 2015 – December 31st, 2015 New Dates and Days! We recommend a minimum of 10 sessions for voluntary, HR, couples, and business referrals. We offer 10, 12, 22, 26 and 52 week classes in anger management and parenting for court or probation ordered or mandated clients AND self-referrals. All participants will receive unlimited progress reports and a "Certificate of Completion". All classes are open ended and participants can begin at any time! Classes are held at 333 3rd Street, Suite 4, Laguna Beach, CA 92651. Phone us at (949) 715-2694. referrals may be eligible for low cost or free services. Please contact us for more information.

Classes Schedule:

  • Anger Management – Tuesday and Thursday, 6:00pm
  • Parenting and Co-Parenting – Thursdays, 7:00pm
  • Accelerated Fast Track Saturday Class – Click here for details

Online Classes

Sometimes it is nearly impossible to find an anger management, parenting, substance abuse or other program near one's location. With prior approval from the court or other legal entity you may be able to take the class online. Our online classes are an ideal way to learn effective skills and gain a certificate of completion from any location in the county. We teach the same set of skills in our online programs as we do in person.

Programs for Physicians and Executives

We offer a wide range of face to face programs to meet the needs of busy physicians and executives. Our programs are designed for physicians being referred for "disruptive behavior" and/or executives who need help improving interpersonal skills. We provide full day intensive one/one coaching that can be provided at your location or at our office in southern California with follow up sessions tailored to the specific needs of the client. Dr. Ari Novick will provide all the coaching. Please contact us for a proposal and click here to get more information. References are available upon request.


Ari Novick, Ph.D. is Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a certified anger management professional for both adults and adolescents. The AJ Novick Group commonly provides anger management and parenting classes for probation, court and self-referrals in Orange County. Dr. Novick is past adjunct professor of psychology at Pepperdine University's Graduate School of Education and Psychology. The AJ Novick Group is an approved and verified member of the BBB with an A+ rating.

About the AJ Novick Group

The AJ Novick Group is a leading provider of Stress and Anger Management. The AJ Novick Group offers anger management classes in our southern California office for both adults and adolescents. We also offer a variety of corporate trainings to teach your management staff and employees skills in effective communication, problem solving, negotiating, conflict resolution, forgiveness, stress management, empathy, and how to have better judgment and impulse control. The AJ Novick Group is proud to offer a variety of home study classes for both adolescents and adults to accommodate busy schedules. We also offer accelerated classes on the weekends for both adults and adolescents. The AJ Novick Group can accommodate court ordered (mandated or probation) clients as well as voluntary individuals, business professionals, couples, families and adolescents.